Gary is the one of the alternate net controls for the TTN nightly net, (3873khz 1830-1930).  Gary became a ham at the age of 14, obtaining the call of KN5QOW.  With a Hallicrafters S-85 receiver, a homebrew 20W 40M CW transmitter, 3 novice band xtals, a dipole fed with zip cord, hand key, Gary was on the air.  In 1966 applied for OCS school, sent to Quartermaster school.  Gary served in Viet Nam November 1968-November 1969 to the 240th QM BN, serving as Commo Officer, receiving the Bronze Star award.  After receiving this award, Gary was placed in the Signal Corps, his original desire. Gary is an ordained minister, serves as the communications officer for the Reagan Wells Fire and Rescue, and a member of the communications team with the Uvalde County Emergency Management ready to deploy on a moments notice, and is involved with various traffic nets.

Gary's most impressive personal bio can be read by clicking on his name-callsign above.


Monday Tuesday Wednesday Thursday Friday Saturday
08:30 09:30 W5RWP
7285 KHZ
18:30 19:30 KF5KOE
3873 KHZ
Below are your Net Controls

Francis obtained his first license in 1974.  He enjoys the variety of amateur radio activities. He began with DXing, expanded his interests  into traffic handling and emergency communications (ARES,  SKYWARN, MARS), and later became interested in the digital modes.

Sharon has been a licensed ham since January 1979 and upgraded to extra class in 1983. She has been involved in the Great Lakes Emergency and Traffic net while in Michigan and the Texas Traffic Net since moving to Texas in 2001. She was net manager for the TTN for 5 years during that time. She has been active in ARES as both and AEC and EC due 3 hurricanes and Skywarn over the years. She is currently net control for the Texas Traffic Net and also the Moonlighters ragchew net. Sharon currently operates from her house in East Texas and is looking forward to retirement.

Sam is the Thursday evening net control for the TTN (3873khz 1830-1930).  He spent 20 plus years in the US Army.  Sam has been a ham for a mere 56 years, being  HL9KP in Korea, DL4HX in Germany,  AI8AM in Viet Nam and now his present call WA5DTY, the call which he has had since 1962.  He spent 20 plus years in the U.S. Army,  all the time in the Army Signal Corps,  spending a lot of the time at Ft. Hood, TX, retiring in 1978 .   Sam has five harmonics, one of which is an amateur operator, KK5UW.  On Nov 28th 2018 Sam will complete 59 years with the same XYL. Sam says "What a great 59 years. Wish I could be assured of 59 more".   Sam is always available for a cup of coffee, so, anytime you are near Gatesville, TX stop in and visit with Sam.

Chris - KF5TTN- Alternate Net Control

Chris was first licensed as a General Class in 2013, upgrading to Amateur Extra in 2014.  Chris is the Tuesday net control for the DFW Metroplex Late Traffic Net,  the Wednesday net control for the Texas Traffic Net, and is a member of the 7290 Traffic Net. Chris holds appointments as an ARRL Official Relay Station and Digital Relay Station, is a W5YI and ARRL Volunteer Examiner, and is active in Tarrant County RACES.   Chris enjoys operating digital modes and contesting.
Ed began his ham career in 1958 as KN5KBV.  Ed served a tour as Chief In Charge of the Navy Mars System New Orleans, LA. Ed has been associated with various traffic nets.  After his Navy career, Ed worked as an electronics tech for the Pantex Plant in Amarillo, TX, retiring after 17 years. 

Randy, K5RWL, Ex-KE5YLY,has been a Ham Radio Operator since 2008 and became a General Class in 2009.  His background is from Emergency Management and Response in Private, Municipal and Industrial sectors.  After retirement, Randy's Amateur Radio interest has revolved around ARES, RACES, MARS, SkyWarn and NTS.  Randy has been  net control on several NTS and MARS nets, as well as local 2 meter nets.


Sandor, a Ham since 1999, called his first net, a weekly simplex net the second week he was licensed and never looked back. He has been an NCS for many different nets, including Statewide ARES HF nets, W4SNN and the WWD net, as well as EMCOM nets on VHF and HF.  He has been active in the SKYWARN program, ARES, and was previously the Program Director in the JR. ARES Program. Sandor is currently the AEC for the Kaufman County ARES group. Sandor can also be heard each Sunday as the Net Control for SOUTHCARS on 7251khz.

Joye - N0OCP

Extra Class since 2005   Licensed since March 1991.   ARES EC for Polk County MO since June 24, 2014.   Retired Air Force (23+ years) and Retired Emergency Management Director (nearly 17 years) for Springfield MO and Greene County MO.    Moved to Bolivar MO December 2013 after living in Springfield and Fair Grove MO for nearly 24 years.  Enjoy nets and working events, applying amateur radio skills to enhance safety to those participating in the event.

Rusty - WE5TXS

Rusty has been a ham since 2008.  He is active in ARES and SKYWARN in Taylor county, TX, and is currently the ARRL West Texas Section Assistant Emergency Coordinator as we as the Liaison for the National Traffic System (NTS) in West Texas.  Rusty is very active in the Digital Modes (JT9, JT65, PSK31, etc) as well as D-Star where he uses D Rats.


Roger, W5RWP (Former KD5OTH), is your Monday net control as well as your Net Manager.   Roger has been an amateur radio operator since 2001 and has held a general class ticket since 2003, having been doing nets for almost as long as he has been a ham. Roger has been a net control on this net since about 2005 and has been the Net Manager since January 2008, as well as having been net control on other traffic nets and also some roundtable nets.  Roger is a member of ARRL and ARES.