9/11/2018 Name:Jim---Ham Call: KD5WJF--Email:jimster0719@gmail.com
please be advised of my new Email address. Reach me at, jimster0719@gmail.com 73's to all.
9/11/2018 Name:Rusty---Ham Call: K5RST--Email: k5rst1@aol.com
Everything is easy read and to use.
9/10/2018 Name:RC---Ham Call: W9RCS--Email: rcstephenson@msn.com
I'm 76 years old and as a means of keeping my mind active I joined the Sun City, Georgetown, Texas amateur radio club, SCARS, about 10 months ago--my very first contact with amateur radio--what a great group. A great hobby and provides a great way of serving in emergency situations. The nets are a stellar way to participate and I find your net most pleasant--the net controllers are all so kind. Thank you to all. RC
9/10/2018 Name:Andrew---Ham Call: KD5PUR--Email: radiomanL@verizon.net
Have a new tuxedo kitten, no name yet and no photos. They keep finding me. Am running out of places to hide.
9/10/2018 Name:Dave---Ham Call: WB6TJB--Email: dabridg@gmail.com
Presently running Kenwood TS-480SAT into Ameritron AL-811H amplifier, MFJ-989C tuner, G5RV antenna about 30 ft at the peak! Thanks for letting me check in! 73s, Dave
9/10/2018 Name:DAVE---Ham Call: KZ5DNA--Email: dnault_@yahoo.com
After being interested in HAM radio for many years, I took the plunge about 2-1/2 years ago and got my tec. and now my general. I had lots of help from the Rio Grand Valley Amateur Radio Club members and have developed many great new friends through that organization. My wife and I attend club business meetings, breakfast meetings and field days on a regularly. Hobbies, hunting, shooting, cooking (BBQ), working on antique engines and now HAM radio.
9/10/2018 Name:Kim---Ham Call: WK5X--Email: k5opi@suddenlink.net
I have a new call sign (see Ham Call above) as of 8-31-18. Previous Call Sign K5OPI.
9/10/2018 Name:Mike---Ham Call: N5GJQ---Email: n5gjq@hotmail.com
Enjoy the net! Although my address is Dry Prong, La, I am located closer to Pineville and usually check into nets from “Pineville”. Thanks! Used to live in Texas and have children & grandchildren in Katy and Ft Worth area. Also, I am net control for the Saturday session of the Delta SSB that meets Monday- Saturday, 7:00 PM on 3.905. Thanks to all of the TTN net control operators! You do a fantastic job! 73 Mike N5GJQ
6/29/2018 Name:Jim---Ham Call: KD5WJF---Email: kd5wjf@yahoo.com
New to H/F. Graduated from 2 meters last March. 100 watts & G5RV @ present. Please add me to the roster. I will be checking in on both morning and evenings when I can. Thank you all for what you do. 73's.
**Note from Webmaster: Thanks for your comments. Welcome to the world of HF and welcome to the Texas Traffic Net family. Have updated the roster with your information.
6/27/2018 Name:Phil---Ham Call: W5NT---Email: pdfisher7@gmail.com
Enjoy traffic handling, antennas, and building radio equipment. I generally check in to 7285 and 7290 nets every day, and 3873 on a less regular basis.
**Note from Webmaster: Thanks for your comments. Have updated the roster with your information.
6/2/2018 Name:Jim---Ham Call: N5FKW---Email: jlotspeich1641@gmail.com
Update on new QTH...11060 La Paloma Loop E, Salado, TX 76571 That's pronounced "Suh-Lay-Dough" and is a village just southwest of Belton, TX on I-35.
**Note from Webmaster: Thanks Jim for your comments. Have updated the roster with your information.
5/22/2018 Name:Doug---Ham Call: KC9VFI---Email: dneller@yahoo.com
Very interesting web site. Really enjoy ham radio and am very active especially on 20 and 40 meters. Will work other bands when openings occur.
**Note from Webmaster: Thanks Doug for your comments. Have updated the roster with your information.
5/17/2018 Name:Dave---Ham Call: N5PNZ---Email: n5pnz@hotmail.com
Older Icom 725 with 75 meter loop and Hustler 4 btv. (100 watt max) Can make evening net often, daytime occasionally.
**Note from Webmaster: Thanks Dave for your comments. Have updated the roster with your correct street adddress.
5/15/2018 Name:Jim---Ham Call: KN5K---Email: craigjw10@comcast.net
Great job Steve......Many thanks for all you do!!!!!! Great website
**Note from Webmaster: Thanks Jim for your comments.
5/11/2018 Name:Lee---Ham Call: KE5MW---Email: fontenotcajun@embarqmail.com
Great net and web page. Please delete data for previous call, AB5BS.
**Note from Webmaster: Thanks for your comments. Have updated your information on the net roster.
4/26/2018 Name:Robert---Ham Call: WA5RP---Email: rv9@att.net
Back on the air after a 50+ year absence. FCC lost my records (Fire in OKC). I was an Extra then, but had to start over. Sat for 3 consecutive months for all 3 exams and now am restored to Extra.
**Note from Webmaster: Thanks for your comments. Have placed you on the net roster.
4/22/2018 Name:Dave---Ham Call: N5PNZ---Email: n5pnz@hotmail.com
100 watts and a 80 meter loop
**Note from Webmaster: Thanks for your comments. Have placed you on the net roster.
2/17/2018 Name:Charlie---Ham Call: KD5PA---Email: charliet3@aol.com
Have ic746 and tm733 in shack 7 antennas up. Run ic2730 and ft 857d with atas120 in truck .Am extra and VE. Have halicrafters parts radio believe S 40B rough but almost all there except plastic over frequency disc.Also tokyo high power 2kw antenna coupler/switch Interested contact me.
**Note from Webmaster: Thanks for your comments. Have placed you on the net roster.
2/16/2018 Name:Dave---Ham Call: WA5X---Email: wa5x@suddenlink.net
Licensed as KB5IAS in 1988. Made Extra in 2002. Got the WA5X call in 2017. I am a retired electrician and my hobbies include radio, electronics and microprocessors.
**Note from Webmaster: Thanks for your comments. Have placed you on the net roster.
2/12/2018 Name:Kim---Ham Call: K5OPI---Email: k5opi@suddenlink.net
I have been checking in to the DaytimeTexas Traffic Net for a few months and decided it was time to be official on the website. Running an ICOM 7100 with a G5RV about 30ft up. Hobbies include being "cat staff", reading, crocheting, and of course, Amateur Radio. I am 2018 President of the Panhandle Amateur Radio Club in Amarillo. Texas. Great net and a great website. Would like to be added to the roster.
**Note from Webmaster: Thanks for your comments. Have placed you on the net roster.
2/12/2018 Name:Melinda---Ham Call: KG5NWD ---Email: kg5nwd@yahoo.com
Thanks for your patience as I learn the ropes - Ed K5KBV is great Elmer here in Amarillo!
**Note from Webmaster: Thanks for your comments. Have placed you on the net roster.
2/12/2018 Name:Clark---Ham Call: K7BWO ---Email: thay61@gmail.com
I will generally visit the Net, sometimes have traffic for Wilbur NB and Plano Tnx. Been a ham since 1952 and enjoy the passion and attitudes of net members.
**Note from Webmaster: Thanks for your comments. Have placed you on the net roster.
2/5/2018 Name:Roger---Ham Call: KE5YTA ---Email: ke5yta13@gmail.com
I would like to be added to the roster. I check in when I am not at work and enjoy. Great website as well. I have been a ham since 2009. I am a ARRL NTS Official relay station, Digital Relay station and RRI DTN. I am a net control for the DFW Traffic Net, late net on Saturday night. Been working with this net for about 9 years as well. I also check into the 7290 net when I can. I enjoy helping with traffic of any kind. I have a Yaesu FT 450D radio with a Hustler vertical antenna. Keep up the good wok guys and hope to hear you on the bands. Thanks Roger Elkinton
**Note from Webmaster: Thanks for your comments. Have placed you on the net roster Roger.
2/1/2018 Name:Bob---Ham Call: KD5AT ---Email: bobhawkins1@gmail.com
Hi, how do we get our new club added to the roster? We are a ham club of veteran's that reach out to vets to join our ham radio hobby. Our name is Texas American Amateur Radio Club. Our Facebook page is @TXALARC. Email is post942arc@gmail.com. Please advise.
**Note from Webmaster: Have placed you on the net roster Bob.
1/18/2018 Name:Ron---Ham Call: KX5C ---Email: kx5c@swbell.net
Please add me to the roster. I have been a ham about 40 years I have the kenwood ts 990s radio. Use a buckmasters ocf dipole and a ta 33 mosley beam.
**Note from Webmaster: Have placed you on the net roster Ron
12/13/2017 Name:Gary---Ham Call: WA5TED ---Email: gary@benden.com
Obviously there has been discussion and decision on the topic of QRP versus Low Power that I missed. Can someone bring me up to date? I didn't see anything on the page here and a net search only equates the two as being 5W or less, 10W SSB. Thanks!
**Note from Webmaster: Interesting question. I have added a button on the 'Links' page which gives a very good description on this subject.
12/07/2017 Name:Larry---Ham Call: K5JYD ---Email: k5jyd@yahoo.com
Got ticket in 1972 , member of ootc. Add me to the roster. I’ll check in once in a while.
**Note from Webmaster: Have added you to the roster. Added your photo to our Photo Page.
11/22/2017 Name:RJ---Ham Call: KC4LRR ---Email: KC4LRR@arrl.net
Thanks for letting this Middle Tennessee station be part of the morning madness on 7.285.00. This is a great net and a fun group of hams. Wx here is good ! 73 RJ - KC4LRR
**Note from Webmaster: Welcome to the net RJ.
11/18/2017 Name:Michael---Ham Call: KG5UMH ---Email: kg5umh@gmail.com
Please add to your net rooster. I have been signing in on Saturday mornings for the last several weeks. Gives me a chance to test my transmit and receive along with antenna changes. My "elmer" WA5TED recommended this group as a great place to start.
**Note from Webmaster: Welcome to the net Michael. Have added you to the net roster.
10/29/2017 Name: Ron Ford---Ham Call: KF5OMH ---Email: rfavcon@verizon.net
Enjoy the net. Thanks to those who commit their time and efforts to making it a good net. I'm treasurer of the Lewisville Amateur Radio Association, member of the Denton County Amateur Radio Association and Lake Area Radio Klub. Operate an ICOM IC-746PRO with ALS-600 amp into an inverted V 20/40 and 5-BTV vertical.
10/9/2017 Name: David---Ham Call: W5DLP ---Email: dlpulley@live.com
What a Great group of hams! I love this net and consider it a privilege to be considered a part of such a group. The web site is the best of any ham sites I have seen. The morning pledge of Allegiance and all the Amen's give me chills every time I hear it! Dave W5DLP CANTON TX 903.253.1970
**Note from Webmaster: Welcome to the net David. Your comments are appreciated. Your photo has been placed on our Photos Page.
09/28/2017 Name: Mark---Ham Call: N5XXD ---Email: markradio@suddenlink.net
I have been licensed as N5XXD since December of 1991. My wife Sara Gail (N5ZMP) and I met on the radio since she would get on the Southwest Lynx system every morning to talk to her mother. We have both served as officers of the Midland Amateur Radio Club and she served as a West Texas Section Assistant Section Manager for several years. We are both ARRL Volunteer Examiners and HF and VHF Awards Managers. Our primary HF station in a Kenwood TS590SAT with a Hygain Explorer 14 at 40'. We also have a G5RV for 40 and 80m. Above the EXP 14 is a Cushcraft 5 element 6m beam and a 7 element 2m horizontal beam above that. VHF is a Kenwood TM-281E to a Comet Dual Band Vertical. An ICOM IC-211 feeds the hoizontal 2m and we have a Ringo Ranger 6m vertical as well. We both hold DXCC and WAS Awards and Sara holds VUCC on 6M
**Note from Webmaster: Welcome to the net Mark. Your comments are appreciated. Your photo has been placed on our Photos Page.
08/23/2017 Name:John---Ham Call: W9WLS ---Email: w9wls.radio@gmail.com
OUTSTANDING web site ! Would be a good model for others.
**Note from Webmaster: Welcome to the net John. Your comments are appreciated.
06/10/2017 Name:Jim---Ham Call: N5FKW ---Email: jiml16412@att.net
Please add me to net roster. N5FKW located in Lago Vista, TX. Retired certified broadcast radio & tv engineer...Society of Broadcast Engineers. 512-541-1774
**Note from Webmaster: Welcome to the net Jim. Your picture has been added to the Photo page of the website.
06/7/2017 Name:Jerry---Ham Call: KC0KW ---Email: jerrydixonkc@gmail.com
Great Net. Thank you for allowing me to join.... I will not be able to join the net often. I work at this time... But Thank you for allowing me to join in today. Jerry Dixon KC0KW
**Note from Webmaster: Welcome to the net Jerry.
5/25/2017 Name:Leonard---Ham Call: WD5CAY ---Email: leonardcernuch@gmail.com
First contact it "DTTN" Today (I think), Can't remember anything anymore. Anyway, I'll be back on 7.285 if I can wake up in time. Really like "DTTN.US" THANKS FOR BEING THERE
**Note from Webmaster: Welcome the the DTTN. Hope you check in often and that you enjoy the website.
5/04/2017 Name:Joye---Ham Call: N0OCP ---Email: McElweejg@gmail.com
FRIDAY NET CONTROL - My XYL and I have been licensed since March 1991. Extra Class since 2005. ARES EC for Polk County MO since June 24, 2014. CVE for W5YI. Teach Tech, General, and Amateur Classes. Retired Air Force (23+ years) and Retired Emergency Management Director (nearly 17 years). Moved to Bolivar MO December 2013 after living in Springfield and Fair Grove MO for nearly 24 years. Enjoy seeing new hams grow in knowledge and skills. Also enjoy seeing the teamwork among the DTTN Net Controls and Alternate Net Controls. It’s like a family!
**Note from Webmaster: Joye's picture can be seen on the 'Operations' page of the website.
04/27/2017 Name:Ron---Ham Call: AD7LS ---Email: ktfjohnson@msn.com
What a great net and great bunch of guys. I enjoy the camaraderie and efforts to encourage everyone to enjoy this hobby. I enjoy the web page as well and always look forward to checking in. Thanks Ron AD7LS
**Note from Webmaster: Glad that you enjoy the website.
04/11/2017 Name:Kent---Ham Call: **** ---Email: kent@eetech.com
Good afternoon, I was hoping to get in contact with you about the Links page on your website. I was wondering if you are accepting suggestions for the page. If you are, I would like to suggest adding ROHM's Electronic Fundamentals section under the Ham Radio General Information header. They design and manufacture integrated circuits (ICs), semiconductors, and other components, but also have a section detailing the history and fundamentals of basic electronic components. Here is the URL for their fundamental page if you would like to have a look: http://www.rohm.com/web/global/en_index Feel free to send me an email if you would like any additional information! Best, -- Kent Dresser EETech Media 404 S 8th St Ste. 203 Boise, ID 83702
**Note from Webmaster: Thanks for the input. I have added a link on our homepage.
01/23/2017 Name:Gerald---Ham Call: KM4VHO ---Email: jrwall45@gmail.com
I have been checking into the net for several months now but have never used this form. Don't know if I've ever been added to the roster or not. The main reason for joining this net is that I have a brother in Hitchcock, Tx. and should I ever need to reach him, I know I could count on someone on the net being able to convey a message.
**Note from Webmaster: You have been added to the website.

If You Would Like To Submit Comments For Others To See With Info About Yourself, Your Station, Comments About Your Visit To Our Website, Or Just About Anything Else You Would Like Others To See , Then Please CLICK HERE

Below Are Comments Sent In By Net Participants - Net Listeners - Website Visitors

11/29/2016 Name:Warren---Ham Call: W9DET ---Email: w9det@arrl.net
Please add to Roster I have met some of you folk at the Alpine Poetry gathering and often stay in Texas en route the S/W. Often stay in Terlingua & Alpine in the fall and Bandera in the spring on the way back to QTH north of the Red River / Chicago Thanks
11/15/2016 Name:Jack Griffin---Ham Call: ---Email: jackrgriffin@gmail.com
This is our Engineering 2 class at Eldorado high school. We send instruments packages to space on high altitude balloons and communicate with our space craft using the 2.39 GHZ Ham band. You can follow our work at: https://www.facebook.com/Eldorado-Space-Program-The-League-of-Extraordinary-Space-Cowboys-461267087313859/?fref=ts
**Note from Webmaster: To the entire class - Welcome to the DayTimeTexasTrafficNet. Picture of the class operation can be found on the PHOTO page at the bottom of the page.
11/01/2016 Name:Bill---Ham Call: W1BG---Email: w1bg@arrl.net
If anyone needs help in filing for a VANITY CALL SIGN please contact me via email and I will be happy to help you through the process. Don't waste your money with the W5YI vanity call sign service. They can do nothing for you that you can't do yourself. 1x2 and 2x1 (Extra Class) vanity calls are in extremely short supply with many people filing at the same time all trying to get the same call. The W5YI Vanity Call Sign service does not prioritize your application, nor increase your odds, nor offer any promise of winning. They only separate you from your money & file the exact same ONLINE application that you can do yourself in 5 minutes time. The Vanity Call Sign process is a simple computerized lottery. All applicants have an equal chance of winning. Thus there can be no guarantee of anyone winning the exact call that they want or winning any call at all for that matter. Your odds of winning are in inverse proportion to the number of other applicants filing for the same call. I filed 5 times over the course of 2 months for a combined total of 23 available calls before finally winning W1BG. In-district calls, i.e., "5" calls are *extremely* difficult to obtain and a 1x2 is harder to get than a 2x1. Let me help you with the process for no charge. email w1bg@arrl.net
**Note from Webmaster: Thanks Bill. Great Input.
09/23/2016 Name:Trent---Ham Call: KJ4KAF ---Email: tsdptsdp@icloud.com
Hello, Today is the the first time I have checked into the net. It seemed to be a very well conducted net. Thank you for the work you all do! Trent

08/24/2016 Name:Pat---Ham Call: kd5rcx---Email: pat.kd5rcx@gmail.com
Thanks for your diligence with the net. Everyone was excellent at relay work! Your accuracy is THE reason we keep and maintain our frequencies! More and more commercial interests try to acquire our higher frequencies. Thank you for your diligence! 73 Pat kd5rcx
08/21/2016 Name:Brian---Ham Call: kd0grs---Email: briantordoff@hotmail.com
This is my first call for the Texas Traffic Net. I participate in the Missouri Department of Health Traffic Net on the 2nd Friday of every month on 3963 at 9:00 and 7263 at 9:15. It was great to hear another net work. Dave Bagge, kd0ccp is the net controller. Thank you. Brian
08/12/2016 Name:Dee Ann Campbell---Ham Call: KG5EUB---Email: deeann.campbell@gmail.com
Thank you for welcoming me to the net this morning. I recently got my General Class and this site was the first non-family member contact I have made. Thank you for the feedback on my signal. I was testing to see if my rig was transmitting as I am trying to contact my husband who is on the Gulf. It was very easy to find your website. Nice job!!
07/14/2016 Name:Joe---Ham Call: KG5LMU---Email: jormand24@gmail.com
I enjoy your net and listening to all the older ham guys. When in the service many years ago, I was a CW radio operator and later a air traffic controller with the FAA,. Radio is not new to me, but hamming is. With ATC, you mostly used canned phraseology and no visiting with the pilots.
07/02/2016 Name:Joye and Karen---Ham Call: N0OCP and N0RHW---Email: mcelweejg@gmail.com
My wife, Karen (N0RHW) and I have been hams since March 1991. Worked Air Force MARS for a year while in Alaska in 1971-72 mainly patching GIs from VN to the US. Upgraded to Extra in June 2004. Currently ARES Emergency Coordinator for Polk County MO since June 2014. Teach Technician, General, and Extra License classes and a Coordinating VE for W5YI. Net control for ARES 2m and 6m nets on Monday nights. Have 3 other net controls that I rotate duties with on these nets—getting ready to add the 4th. Retired Air Force CMSgt (1989) and Retired Emergency Management Director for Springfield/Greene County MO (2006). Age 69. Married 49 years. Primary station is an ICOM 7600 with Ameritron ALS-600 amplifier, LDG Pro ll Autotuner, Unadilla 20-40-75 antenna with peak at 35 feet. Also have a Hustler 5B vertical with a number of radials that works well on 20 and 40 especially. Use it for DX. Run a 2m packet system from my attic that supports emergency messaging in our city and surrounding county. Outpost stations use it for passing message traffic. Each Friday, I try to support our Springfield National Weather Office on HF using voice and digital PSK 31 from 10 am to 10:45 am. Not into a lot contesting except the Route 66 event held in September each year. QSL cards precious to me are those from operators above 85 years of age. Oldest from operator who was 93. Hopefully this information will help you understand me better.
Joye G. McElwee
06/20/2016 Name:Bob---Ham Call: W5WRN---Email: w5wrn@yahoo.com
As most of you know I moved to a senior community and the only antennas I can have has to stay in the confines of my balcony so I was off the air for about a year. As the saying goes, you can't keep a good ham down and where there's a will there's a way as evidenced by the following picture. This is a full 1/4 wave on 40 meters.
**Note from Webmaster: Picture can be seen in the Photo section.
06/01/2016 Name:Ed---Ham Call: AD0ED---Email: ad0ed@midco.net
Finally got my HF vertical antenna re-installed after our move to South Dakota 1 1/2 years ago. I was just spinning the dial and found your net. 59 copy on net control. QTH here is Vermillion, SD. Thanks for taking my call.
06/01/2016 Name:John---Ham Call: NX5E---Email: nx5e@suddenlink.net
Hi; This is John NX5E, as you can see I hold an extra class license. I have been continually licensed since 1979 I enjoy traffic handling. Was involved with Navy/Marine Corps Mars for a number of years and was an area and region staff member. I operated a gateway station taking incoming and out-going traffic for the region. I hope you will add me to the roster. 73 John
03/26/2016 Name:William 'Bill'---Ham Call: N5NRH---Email: WILLIAMMETZ2ILC@MSN.COM
03/24/2016 Name:Howard D. Wages---Ham Call: W5AOP---Email: hdwages@gmail.com
Ham since 1959. Operated Army Mars Station for one year in Two Rock Ranch Station. Part of Southern California CW net. Your doing a great job. Thanks
03/03/2016 Name:Jerry---Ham Call: K5LRU---Email: jmalinski2@gmail.com
A very useful website for an amateur. Thanks to the webmaster for his hard work. Jerry
**Note from Webmaster: Thanks for the comment.
02/18/2016 Name:Ricky---Ham Call: KG5JOR---Email: 243.300wby@gmail.com
Good sounding bunch of people, and I think ill enjoy yall
02/17/2016 Name:Tim---Ham Call: KC5YJJ---Email: Tim12@suddenlink.net
New to this net out of Amarillo, TX. Certainly enjoy listening to you guys.
02/17/2016 Name:John---Ham Call: KI5ZS---Email: ki5zs@sbcglobal.net
Enjoy this net ! A lot of good people !
02/13/2016 Name:Bill---Ham Call:WB9FOP---Email: wdgarf@gmail.com
I operate 75, 40, 30, 20 & 17 meters, both CW & Phone from a QTH located in a heavily restricted Homeowner's Association in Cinco Ranch (S. of Katy). As such I have a somewhat unique antenna which has been knicknamed "The Weedburner". This is a 5-band parallel dipole that's installed on the side of a 6' 8" wooden privacy fence and fed through an MFJ-998RT "remote" auto-tuner located literally at the feed point. It works surprisingly well and I have made many DX contacts with it around the world. I invite you to have a look at it but going to my QRZ.COM page (WB9FOP) and scrolling-down to the photo near the bottom of the page. Also, just as addt'l info, I have added considerable "design notes" for anyone contemplating building one like it.73!!
**Note from Webmaster: A photo and link can be found on the 'Photo' section of the website
02/10/2016 Name:Frank---Ham Call:K5LVU---Email: K1LVUfrank@gmail.com
Licensed since 1958.. advanced class.... D.O.B. 3/2/1933
02/09/2016 Name:Don McFarland---Ham Call: W5WD---Email: W5WD@outlook.com
Great Web Page.
**Note from Webmaster: Thanks Don. Comment Appreciated.
01/22/2016 Name:Larry---Ham Call: N5LNO---Email: wiggins@texas.net
Love messing with Roger, such a great guy.

01/08/2016 Name:Chuck---Ham Call: KE5RAD---Email: KE5RAD@ARRL.NET
Thanks for running this net and furthering amateur radio.

01/06/2016--Name:Clarence---Ham Call: WB5BYV---Email: clarencie@cableone.net
Have been retired 3 yrs now and spend a lot of time on 75 meters and 40 meters....and TOO MUCH time on FB !! I am the Trustee for the Four States Amateur Radio Club in Texarkana (check our our Web Site) also Net Control Mon and Wed on the Arkansas Mockingbird Net on 3.927 at 4:30 PM M-Fri. First License was in summer 1956 right before I started 10th grade....Picture is me and wife Larue N5RUE from 2013

**Note from Webmaster: Photo can be seen on the Member Photo Page of the Website at http://www.daytimetexastrafficnet7285.org/member-photos.html

01/04/2016--Name:Mike---Ham Call: KB0QGT---Email: kb0qgt@ruraltel.net
Hello Everyone, Haven't been on the net much the past month, but here is a picture of my 40 meter mobile "saucer" antenna. The output from a barefoot Kenwood TS-50S gets fed into it. Above it is the 75m saucer, and below (not pictured) are the 20m, 17m, 15m and 10m antennas.
73 Mike
**Note from Webmaster: Photo can be seen on the Member Photo Page of the Website at http://www.daytimetexastrafficnet7285.org/member-photos.html

12/30/2015--Name:Chris Boone---Ham Call:WB5BYV---Email: clarencie@cableone.net
I have been checking into the DTTN for quite a while.....kinda erractic, but now I am retired and have been on the net more often so wanted to sign in. will have pictures later from Texarkana. Clarence

12/16/2015--Name:Chris Boone---Ham Call:WB5ITT trustee, W5APX---Email:setxtelecom@gmail.com
Owner, SETX Telecom, LLC and Musicradio1300 KSET Lumberton, TX Operate 160m-UHF allmode and various rptrs (10/6/2/220/440) in the BPT area

12/11/2015--Name:James---Ham Call:KG5GSI---Email:kg5gsi@arrl.net
Thanks for all you do and God bless.
73 James

12/03/2015--Name:Kay---Ham Call:N5LUI---Email:krw323@gmail.com
Hi All, Name is Kay, live in N.E. Texas, Red River Co. Licensed since 1978 - 37 yrs. Been active ever since. old call was WB3LQN from PA. Retired and loving every bit of it. Do a lot of RVing in a travel trailer.
73 Kay

12/03/2015--Name:Leo Salas---Ham Call:N5JEP---Email:n5jep1@gmail.com
Good day! Please add me to your roster! I've enjoyed checking into the dttn over the years as I had time. I am getting more involved in radio as the time allows now. www.wb5rdd.org is by local club website. and ham radio is the only hobby I have, i think. Coffee is my addiction though. hihi I work for myself doing telephone systems and computer networks.

11/19/2015--Name:George Daniel---Ham Call:K5GAD---Email:k5gad@suddenlink.com
Hi to all. I'm new to 40 meters and stopped by just this morning on 7.2850 to listen.... Sure enjoyed the structure and the positive feeling of the net...
73 de George, k5gad

11/13/2015--Name:Boots---Ham Call:K5OIL---Email:k5oil@aol.com
Location is Aransas Pass Tx. I have a General class license. I use A Kenwood TS-590 on hf and an IC-746 on 2 meters. I use a hex beam on hf and use a GP-9 on 2 meters. Monitor 146.540 simplex, 3918 on 75 meters early mornings, 3930 evenings, and 7260 on 40 meters during the day. I have a 1 KW amp on hf. When mobile, I run the TS-50 with '4 pill' amp to the 'NO5E' screwdriver antenna. For mobile 2M, I use the Alinco 85 watt.

11/13/2015--Name:Jerry---Ham Call:N5RV---Email:n5rv@arrl.net
Hoping to become part of the net in the future once my work winds down and as I approach retirement. I monitor most mornings when I am working from home.

11/05/2015--Name:Ed---Ham Call:K5KBV---Email:supertech0491@yahoo.com
Became a ham in 1957, as a novice. KN5KBV, next step upgraded to conditional, then advanced, which i held for many years. A couple of years ago I decided to finish upgrading, I now hold an Amateur Extra ticket. I enjoy participating in traffic nets, special event station operation, field days. My current interest is EME, I am assembling a 12ft fiberglass dish station. I hope to be on the air by spring of next year on 1296mhz, cw and jt65m etc.
73's see you on 7285khz!

11/04/2015--Name:Roger---Ham Call:W5RWP---Email:w5rwp@outlook.com
Hello everyone, This is roger, w5rwp your net manager. I hope everyone enjoys Our website. The webmaster really does a great job. I would really like to thank him for all his hard work and dedication. Thanks everyone for checking into the net and their dedication also. For everyones information we are constantly getting around 80 check ins a day and the traffic count is also slowly receiving more traffic. Everyone have a great day.

11/04/2015--Name:Alan---Ham Call:KE7FHB---Email:alan@ubtanet.com
I would like to be put on the rooster for DTTN. I have been checking in almost every day for over a month. I enjoy the DTTN and have fun with the other ham's. I have a TS 2000 Kenwood and ICOM 706 radio with an off center dipole antenna. I drove truck down to Texas for 11 years and have unloaded and loaded in all the major cities. My wife calls my ham shack my man cave.
Thanks, Alan B. Cooper

11/03/2015--Name:Paul---Ham Call:K5YZE---Email:k5yze@yahoo.com
Recently retired, so I am now able to monitor the net, and check in on a regular basis. We live in Colorado but our roots are in Texas, and most of our family is there.

10/29/15--Name:Larry---Ham Call:KL7JQ---Email w8m2015@gmail.com
Please add me to your list. RACES, ARES, Rowlett CERT, SKYWARN. I can operate mobile, portable, or fixed 70CM - 40M. IC-706 to rotating dipole.

10/25/15--Name:Sam---Ham Call:WA5DTY---Email wa5dty@arrl.net@ruraltel.net
WOW....I just looked at the Web page for the humpteenth time (that's a lot of times). Checked out the link to the Canadian story about Ham Radio. That is very impressive. As usual a great article. Keep up the good work. The radar information has been very helpful during the last couple days of super bad weather.
Thanks, Sam

10/16/15--Name:Michael---Ham Call:KB0QGT---Email kb0qgt@ruraltel.net
Comments:Checking in mobile and fixed from home. Mobile running TS-50 at 100 watts into homebrew saucer antennas, six bands on one antenna mast (75, 40, 20, 17, 15, 10m). At home running an FT-920 into a sloper antenna at 30 feet, only 100 watts of power so far.

10/13/15--Name:Bob----Ham Call:KG5EUX---- Email: bobdoss@embarqmail.com
Enjoying the net. I do have traffic passing experience. Please add me to your roster.

10/7/15--Name: VICTOR WANNER-----Ham Call: W8PWU----Email: vewanner@gmail.com

10/2/2015 ---Name:Dan----- Ham Call: W5SRT-------Email: dan@dlaab.com
Comments : Thanks for a great net.

9/22/2015----Name:Alan Cooper ----Call:KE7FHB----Email : alan@ubtanet.com
I drove truck into and out of the Dallas area for 8 1/2 years, every week. I am retired now and have set up a base station. I live south of Vernal, UT in the middle of nowhere. I miss going to Texas and enjoy the DTTN. I pickup some stations that you can' t here because of my location. I look forward to the contact and being able to help.

Name: wayne jones ----Your Ham Call:----Email: waynejones@hotmail.com
This is an awesome site!!!!!!!!!
*****Thanks Wayne. Your comment is appreciated. Webmaster*****

Name: Charles Husak----Call: KG5IOG ----Email: kg5iog@cableone.net
I've been an Electronic and Computer Tech since early 1980's. I love hunting Rocks and Fossils and always wanted to be an Amateur Operator but never took the time to take the test until recently.

Hi, My name is Courtney and I'm a mentor and tutor for a small group of kids in my local area. My class and I wanted to give you a shout and send you some virtual "high-fives" on your page, http://www.daytimetexastrafficnet7285.org/ham-links.html. We've been collecting amateur radio resources and bookmarked your page, thanks. :) Since we decided to bookmark your resources, the kids thought it'd be a brilliant idea to send you a page they found, https://www.brandedbridgeline.com/resources/amateur-radio-call-guide-by-brandedbridgeline-com/ . They figured it'd be a great page to add with your other resources. Do you mind adding it? They'd feel so accomplished knowing your other web visitors could benefit from it too. We'd love to hear any feedback you have...maybe even a "high-five" back. :P
Thank you for your time, Courtney Phillips

**Thanks Courtney. I have added a link to your website on our homepage. Webmaster****